Behaviour Statement

All anglers are expected to behave according to club rules, excessive consumption of alcohol and use of recreational drugs will not be tolerated along with abusive behaviour towards any other angler , members of the public and the bailiffs.

If you are a subject of complaint you may be asked to appear before a committee to discuss your actions , this may result in ban from club waters for a period of time or indefinitely.



Perry Street Pond, Chard Reservoir.& Sadborow 


  1. Anglers may use 3 rods at Chard Reservoir. 
  2. That all fishing be by fair rod and line. One rod only at Perry Street Pond and Sadborow Pond. Any Member fishing otherwise will be expelled. 
  3. No keep nets are allowed on any Club controlled waters except for Club Competitions. 
  4. The taking away of any fish is prohibited.
  5. Live Baiting is strictly prohibited on all Club Waters. 
  6. Any Member leaving litter in their Swim whether or not their own could be suspended from the Club. 
  7. That any Member willfully disturbing Game or Wildlife on the fishing grounds will be expelled. 
  8. That Members will take care when entering a field set up for mowing. 
  9. No firearms to be carried over any club water except during the course of authorised pest control.
  10. That no vehicles be parked on land adjoining Club Waters without prior permission of the land owner.
  11.  That all matches be at the discretion of the Committee. Organised sweepstake matches are not permitted. 
  12. Reasonable access must be maintained at all times on the paths at Perry St. Pond. 
  13. The removal, planting or transplanting of weed or other aquatic plants at Perry St. Pond is strictly forbidden except in the course of organized Committee Swim Clearing. 
  14.  When leaving Perry St. Pond car park please leave by the exit at the far end of the car park not by the No Exit sign. 
  15. No rods shorter than 10’ to be used on any Club Controlled water. 
  16. Juniors are not allowed to night fish unless accompanied at all times by a senior member (18) on a one to one basis. 
  17. No child under the age of 10 can become a member of the Club. They may fish Club waters if accompanied at all times by their parent who is a Club member or a senior Club member above the age of 18 years on a one to one basis. 
  18. No bicycles or motor cycles to be taken beyond the bridge at Perry Street Pond. 
  19. No bait shall be taken to the bank in tin cans on any Club controlled water (i.e. sweetcorn or luncheon meat tins). 
  20. The use of baitboats and dinghy’s is strictly prohibited on any Club controlled water. 
  21. No fishing between swims at Perry St. Pond. 
  22. All anglers are expected to use a landing net of a suitable size with a landing net handle of at least 6 foot and a suitable unhooking mat. 
  23. The use of floating baits i.e. pellet, bread-crust or mixers is prohibited on Sadborow and Perry Street pond. 
  24. Anyone found defecating in or around any Club water will receive a suspension from fishing Club waters and probably a life ban. 
  25. The Club can implement bait bans at the Committee’s discretion.

                                                 RESERVOIR  RULES

  1. Fishing is STRICTLY from 8am-8am.
  2. Three days maximum stay in swims 28,29,30,and 31, no return for 24hrs (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  3. Maximum of 4 anglers in top swims.
  4. Only 1 angler per swim.
  5. Fish to be retained for a maximum of 30 mins while you set up camera gear.
  6. No carp sacs.
  7. Micro or barbless hooks only.
  8. Semi fixed or running lead only.
  9. No bait boats.
  10. Up to 3 rods only.
  11. No walking out of bounds area to bait up.
  12. No wading lines out, casting only.
  13. No reservation of swims if the angler concerned is not on site.
  14. All rubbish to be put in bins provided.
  15. No keep nets.
  16. No swim to be left unattended for more than 1 hour in any 24 hour period or tackle will be removed.
  17. Strictly no fires.
  18. No dogs on the bank , shoreline or for over night stays.