Match Fixtures

The club runs matches throughout the year, these are mostly in a league format with an early season 3 match series on the reservoir and a Winter and Spring league on the 2 ponds.

Priority is given to league participants for reservoir matches but some spaces may be available to other members via a waiting list, enquiries are to be made at

Spring and Winter League matches are on Perry Street Pond and Sadborow Pond

There will be 13 metre pole limit at Sadborow pond.

11/06/23PSP Club Match
25/06/23Chard Reservoir
09/07/23PSP Club Match
23/07/23Chard Reservoir League 1
05,06/08/232 Day Festival Chard Reservoir
13/08/23Teams of 4 Chard Reservoir (Not run by Chard Angling Club)
10/09/23Inter-club Match
Chard Vs Taunton
Chard Reservoir
24/09/23Chard Reservoir League 2
08/10/23Winter league 1 PSP and Sadborow
22/10/23Chard Reservoir League 3
29/10/23Winter league 2 PSP and Sadborow
12/11/23Winter league 3 PSP and Sadborow
19/11/23Chard Reservoir
03/12/23Winter league 4 PSP and Sadborow
17/12/23Xmas Fayre
Chard Reservoir
07/01/24Winter league 5 PSP and Sadborow
21/01/24Chard Reservoir
04/02/24Winter league 6 PSP and Sadborow
18/02/24Chard Reservoir
25/02/24Winter League Reserve Date
03/03/24Inter-club Match
Taunton Vs Chard
River Tone
24/03/24Chard Reservoir
07/04/24Spring league 1 PSP and Sadborow
21/04/24Chard Reservoir
28/04/24Spring League 2 PSP and Sadborow
12/05/24Spring league 3 PSP and Sadborow
19/05/24Chard Reservoir