Match Rules


  1. Only bonafide members will be permitted to enter any match organized by this Club with exception of Open matches. 
  2. The Committee shall have the power to close any stretch of water on match days or in the case of Perry St. Pond the water shall be closed from midnight on the evening prior to the match. 
  3. Advertised venues for matches may be changed on the day of the match. This will be at the discretion of the Match Secretary. 
  4. The extent of the water to be finished during matches shall be fixed by the Steward appointed by the Match Secretary. 
  5. The swims shall be pegged out by the Match Secretary and drawn before the match begins. 
  6. Pegs shall only be moved at the discretion of the Steward or Match Secretary. 
  7. Swims drawn in matches are not transferable. 
  8. Any member fishing outside the prescribed limit of his peg, fishing before the official signal to start, or after the official signal to finish, will be disqualified. 
  9. 15 minutes is allowed after the official signal to finish to play and land any fish which was hooked before the finish signal was sounded. 
  10.  A competitor shall have in use no more than one rod, one line and one hook at the same time but may have other rods or tackles set up for use, provided no such tackles are baited. 
  11. The surface of the water may be broken for positioning of one’s keepnet, the preparation of groundbait, plumbing the depth, and setting of floats, before the official signal to start. 
  12. Any bait may be used except for live or dead fish, spinning baits or artificial lures. 
  13. The use of goo or any similar product may not Be used on Perry Street Pond or Sadborow Pond. 
  14. No one shall handle the rod and line of any other competitor during a match or assist with the landing of any other angler’s fish. 
  15. Keepnets of approved pattern must be used at all times. All fish must be kept alive and returned to the water after weighing in. 
  16. Fly fishing is not permitted in any pegged down competition. 
  17. Any amalgamation of catches will result in the disqualification of those concerned. 
  18. Any angler who dismantles his gear and leaves his peg before the end of a match shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the match. 
  19. At all Club matches members will clear any litter, whether their own or not, before being weighed in. 
  20. When Day Tickets are required they must be paid for when booking in for that match. 
  21. All queries relating to swims or any dispute arising shall be referred to the Match Secretary whose decision shall be final. Complaints regarding alleged breaking of Match Rules or unfairness on behalf of another competitor must be registered within the time of match finishing and the distribution of prizes.