Day Tickets

With annual club membership, you can fish Perry Street Pond and Sadborow Pond.

Day tickets for Perry Street & Sadborow ponds are only available online ( for non members ) and not on the bank. Night fishing is allowed at Perry Street but not Sadborow.

Tickets for Chard Reservoir are available online or at the bank and are valid from 8 am for 24 hours. Club members will receive a discount.

As of June 1st, 2022 the price of a fishing permit at our venues will be £8 for 1 rod with additional rods being charged at £5, with a maximum of 3 rods at the reservoir and only 1 at the ponds.

The permit will last for 24 hours from 8 am.   Chard Angling Club members will receive a discount of £1 per rod.

Adult£8.00MAX 3 Rods
Additional Rods£5.00