Chard Reservoir

Brief description of fishery:

Chard reservoir is 48 acres of open water, the main species in Chard Reservoir are Carp, Bream, and Roach also Tench, Perch, and Eels. Currently regarded as one of the best bream waters in the country with catches over 100lb not unusual, ground bait and feeder tactics are the most popular for bream anglers. The Carp tend to respond well to spodding at range in the upper woods area and have been caught to mid 30lb.

It is a popular venue for Match Anglers, Carp Anglers, Ornithologists,s and Walkers alike. Carp (to 37lb,)  Bream (to 7lb), and Roach dominate this water.

Please be aware that the reservoir could be closed at any time due to high winds. This is in conjunction with SSDC. Also, dogs are not permitted on the shoreline and for overnight stays.

Reservoir Rules

Please note carpark gates will be locked at 5pm and reopened at 8am

1, Fishing is STRICTLY from 8am until 8am.

2.Three days maximum stay in swims 28.29.30.and 31 No return for 24hrs (NO EXCEPTIONS)

3.Maximum of 4 anglers in top swims

4.0ne angler only in a swim

5. Fish to be retained for a maximum of 30mins while you set up camera gear.

6. No carp sacs

7. Micro barb or barbless hooks only

8.Semi fixed lead or running lead only

9.No bait boats

10.Up to 3 rods only to be used.

11,No walking out of bounds area to bait up.

12.No wading lines out casting only.

13.No reservation of swims of the angler concerned is not on site.

14.All rubbish to be put in the bins provided

15.No keep nets

16.No swim to be left unattended for more 1 hour in any 24hr period or tackle will be removed

17. Strictly no fires


Chard reservoir, Chaffcombe Lane Chard Somerset TA20 1RR.

Access & Parking

There is a specified anglers car park at the reservoir, this is easily accessed from Chaffcombe lane. The gate will be locked during the late afternoon, please discuss this with the bailiff.



  • Carp
  • Eel
  • Mirror Carp
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Tench